Top 5 Video Marketing Myths Exposed

by andrew

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Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult (and increasingly expensive) to attract visitors to your website using traditional strategies like Google Adwords and other paid and/or SEO methods.

Competition amongst online business owners for visitors is fierce, and as such, there is a real demand for any strategy that will give them an upper hand. Video marketing is one of these strategies and is one of the most effective ways that online business owners can use to attract visitors to their websites.

Even though most of the aspiring online business owner clients I work with are aware of the power of video marketing and how it can attract traffic to their website, there still appears to be a real reluctance to actually produce videos and implement an effective video marketing strategy.

When I queried my clients on what was holding them back, I found that their overall perception is that video marketing is just too difficult and demanding, and so they simply continued on with the old standard methods to try and attract traffic just like everyone else – no wonder they were not getting anywhere!

Now I’ve helped quite a few online business owners take their marketing efforts to the next level using video marketing. After talking with them, I quickly find out that they usually believe in one of several unfounded myths about video marketing, and that is the real reason why they are usually too afraid to jump in and give it a go.

What I’ve found is that there is a common set of these myths about video marketing. Once I’ve broken down and exposed these myths, most if not all of my clients end up implementing at least some sort of video marketing for their business.

So, let me expose the top 5 video marketing myths that are preventing online business owners from implementing one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

Hopefully, once you’ve seen that there really is no mystery to video marketing, you’ll be able to start implementing a video marketing strategy as a key component in your online business.

Myth #1 – You Need Expensive Equipment and/or Big Marketing Budget

The first myth surrounds the belief that you need to invest in lots of high end equipment and have a big marketing budget before you can start video marketing.

You may be surprised to learn that you probably already have all the equipment you need to start producing and marketing your own videos.

Most laptops nowadays have a webcam and microphone built-in, and if not, you can buy a HD webcam with an integrated microphone for under $100.

Software-wise, you also probably have everything you need as well. MovieMaker is part of Microsoft Windows and is easy to use to make decent videos. Apple Mac users can use iMovie which also allows you to make really nice quality videos.

The other misconception is that you need a big marketing budget to have an effective video marketing strategy.

You can promote your videos for free using established marketing channels like email newsletters and via social media like Twitter and Facebook. There are also free video distribution sites like Tube Mogul that will get your video onto heaps of video sites.

And of course, don’t forget YouTube. That’s an obviously free way of getting your video in front of people, but for that extra exposure, you can pay for a ‘Promoted Video’ marketing slot. The costs for this aren’t as expensive as Google Adwords.

Myth #2 – The Video Needs To Be Like a Hollywood Production

This follows on from myth #1. A lot of my clients believed that the actual video they produced had to be of a really high standard with lots of fancy graphics, amazing sound effects and precise scripting and timing. That’s complete nonsense.

People know that you’re not a multi-billion dollar company, so don’t act like one. You are a small business, so instead of worrying about how good your video looks, focus instead on what your customer in your particular niche is looking for – relevant and useful information.

You can do this very effectively by narrating a simple PowerPoint presentation or by just standing in front of a camera and talking about your niche.

All you need to do is make sure your camera is of a decent quality, the lighting is clear and bright, and the sound quality is good. That’s it!

For a bit of pizzazz, you can spend $5 at and get someone to do you a 5-10 sec professional video and/or voice intro to tack on the start of your video. That in itself will make you stand out from the majority of the other videos out there.

Myth #3 – Nobody Will Watch It Or Find It Interesting

This myth concerns the inherent belief that most of us has at some point in our lives – that what we do could not possibly be of interest to other people.

One thing I learnt early on is that we all have an extremely skewed, negatively-biased view of how other people perceive us and what we create. We are our own worst critic.

A lot of my clients simply didn’t believe that any video they created would be of any interest to other people.

To disprove this theory in one of my client workshops, I got a group of clients to each create a short video, then got them to write me a quick sentence or two, describing what they personally thought of their own creation. The majority of them were negative about what they had produced and didn’t think they were worthy of submitting to the general public.

I then let the other clients in the group see all the other videos and got them to comment on each one. This time, the majority of the comments were complementary, describing the videos as being ‘wonderfully informative’, and ‘witty, funny and interesting’.

Almost every single time, what each of the original video creators personally thought of their own creation was completely the opposite of what an unbiased outsider thought of the video. Often it took only a simple exercise like this to destroy people’s perception that what they create will not be of interest to other people and get over their fear of actually creating a video.

Myth #4 – It Needs To Go Viral To Be Effective.

On YouTube, there a number of videos that have received hundreds of millions of views. These are what are known as viral videos, because they seem to take on a life on their own.

A lot of my clients think that unless their video goes viral, it won’t be an effective way to generate traffic.

What they fail to realise is that only 1.7% of videos get more than 100,000 views. In fact, 2/3 of all videos get fewer than 1,000 views!

But the number of views that a video gets is not a real measure of its real effectiveness. Remember that you are creating a video for your niche market, not a silly video for the general public who are only watching it for a laugh.

Your niche market is looking for something specific and in a lot of cases, are ready to buy your product or service. They are simply waiting for you to provide them with that last bit of proof or justification in your videos before they take that final step and buy something from you.

It’s called niche market for a reason. You’re not trying to create something to cater for millions of people. Focus instead on your target market, your niche market, and prove to them that you are worth investing in.

Myth #5 – All Videos Should Be Short

There is a general rule of thumb that videos should only be 3-5 minutes long. Anything longer than this, and you will lose the interest of your viewer.

This is something that I also tell my clients, but unfortunately, this has been taken as gospel and turned into an urban myth.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with producing longer videos, as long as it suits the purpose for which it is created. It just needs to make sense for the content.

If you’re creating an online video course, then of course you will need to create longer videos. Just try to keep the content relevant and interesting. If you’re creating promotional videos, keep it snappy and to the point.

By having a variety of short and long videos in your collection, you’ll find that people visiting your site will stick around for longer.


Hopefully I’ve been able to dispel some of the major myths about creating and marketing videos. You may have some other issues with videos that I haven’t covered, so feel free to send me your questions via the form below and I’ll try to answer them for you.

If you haven’t already, why not register for my FREE 7-Day Online Business Bootcamp where I cover some of these video marketing myths in more detail.

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