Top 10 Autoresponder Tips To Keep Your Subscribers Feel Loved

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by andrew

One of the most important elements in your blog or online business is an autoresponder, which allows you to automate communication to your subscribers. It’s a great way to streamline the running of your business by helping to keep in regular contact with your subscriber base.

However, this is one part of your business that needs careful planning and quite a bit of work to initially set up. The emails you send out using this system represent you and over time will help build up the overall impression that a customer has of your product or service. But being an automated system, it is very easy to just set-and-forget your autoresponder and assume that your subscribers won’t notice.

So, I trawled around the ‘net looking for some of most popular tips surrounding proper autoresponder use to see what other bloggers do to make sure their subscribers best interests aren’t forgotten about. Here are the top 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your autoresponder and keep your subscribers coming back for more…

1. Always, always acknowledge your customers straight away

No-one likes to be forgotten or ignored. Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter, make sure that you send out an email thanking them for taking the time out to do so. This reminds those users that you have received their opt-in request. Sending out a thank you email immediately after they opt-in also makes for a good first impression. Straight away they will see you as someone who gets things done and who appreciates (and is thankful for) their decision to trust you enough to opt-in.

2. Treat your subscribers like human beings

Your subscribers are human beings with feelings, and everyone likes to recognised as an individual. Think how impressed you are when you receive a letter that has actually been signed by a real person instead of a generic signature. It makes you feel special.

Use the autoresponder customised fields to insert the subscribers first name in your emails, and use it a few times in the email. Starting of an email with ‘Dear John’, sounds a lot better than ‘Dear subscriber’.

Note: I have noticed recently that a lot of bloggers are now only collecting email addresses in their optin forms on the basis that a lot of people are wary of entering in their actual names due to fears of being spammed. In a lot of cases, subscribers enter in fake names anyway. It also appears that by only asking for an email address, you can boost your overall optin rates.

Also, it is becoming obvious that subscribers are generally becoming more tech-savvy and are aware that most forms of personalisation are automated anyway, so they are not too fussed if their emails are personalised or not. However, before ‘de-personalising’ your own autoresponder emails, I would test this out on your own list and see if it makes any significant difference to your optin and email open rates.

3. Don’t spam your subscribers – it really sucks…

There’s a fine line between spamming someone and keeping them informed. Don’t bombard your subscribers with emails several times a day unless you’ve been explicitly asked. Being in their face all the time can have the opposite effect to the one you are trying to achieve. You stand a better chance with an informative weekly newsletter, then a daily series of emails containing pushy sales talk. Most bloggers only send out emails every 2-3 days. Again, test this with your own list and make a note of your open rates.

4. Reward your loyal subscribers

Reward your subscribers with regular free bonuses like coupons or gifts. This further reinforces the impression that your primary concern is providing them with useful information and increases the feel-good factor for your subscribers. It makes them feel good that you appreciate them and care about them enough to give them that little bit extra.

5. Have a privacy policy in place and make it obvious

Privacy concerns are high on the Internet – no-one likes their information being sold or given away without prior permission. Alleviate your readers concerns by re-assuring them that their information is safe and include a link to your privacy statement in your newsletter and on your website.

6. Always include an unsubscribe option

For whatever reason, people may change their mind and decide that they want to unsubscribe from your newsletter. It happens all the time so don’t take it personally. But always make sure to make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe. It shows that you are honest and that you have nothing to hide. A standard unsubscribe rate is around 10-15%; any higher than this and should be taking steps to work out how to keep your subscribers interest and prevent them from unsubscribing.

7. Make your headlines stand out

Everyone nowadays gets spam emails, so much so that we have become desensitised to them. Try to stand out by using interesting headlines that give your subscriber some reason to open your email. Again, try to incorporate the subscriber name in the heading so they at least know there has been some previous connection.

Also, split test your heading as often as you can, so you are always improving on your click rates. This is easy to do with most autoresponders. You’ll soon work out which headlines are the best in enticing your subscribers to click them.

8. It’s NOT all about the money

Don’t get too caught up with having to sell stuff straight away. Your subscribers joined your list hopefully because you are providing some useful information. They already know who you are, so just keep focussing on producing good informative content. Autoresponder emails have been designed as a way to build trust and rapport with your subscribers.

Every now and then, suggest that you have some extra information or service that they may be interested in purchasing. In the blogosphere, you should always follow the mantra, “If you teach them, they will buy”. Remember that this is a long term commitment, so just chill out and enjoy teaching others what you know. The money will sort itself out. Have patience grasshopper…

…always follow the mantra, “If you teach them, they will buy”.

9. Offer useful and relevant tips

Don’t stop providing your subscribers with useful and relevant tips. After all, the main aim of the game is to build up your list, and that’s not going to happen if your newsletter suddenly dries up. You need to constantly drip feed your subscribers to keep them interested and happy. But you also need to make sure your content is informative and relevant to the niche you are in and is unique in some way. Don’t be a cut-and-paster. Anyone can do that.

10. Keep your emails simple

Keep your emails short, concise and to the point. People usually don’t have the time to read excessively long emails. Try to keep your emails above the fold. After all, your autoresponder emails in most cases are newsletters – keep them like that. They should merely be used to inform your subscribers of where the real action is happening – on your website.

If your newsletter is long, make sure that your subscribers will get useful pieces of information along the way. It’s frustrating reading a long email only to get to the end and find that there is no useful information after all. People will soon get sick of that and will unsubscribe from your list faster than rats from a sinking ship.


Do you agree with these tips and have you implemented any of them in your autoresponder strategy? I’d be really interested to hear if you have had any significant results, good or bad, by using these tips.


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