7 Tips To Make Your Blog Comments POP!!

by andrew

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One of the really effective ways to increase traffic to your blog is by leaving a comment on well-known and high traffic-attracting blogs.

Unfortunately, it’s such an effective strategy that you’ll find that a lot of other people have the same idea, often resulting in hundreds of comments.

So how can you get your comment to really POP! and stand out from all the others and leverage the popularity of these blogs?

Here are 7 really easy ways to ensure your comment stands out from all the rest.

1. Reply To The Top Commenter in the List

Some of more popular blogs may have several hundred comments so when you add your comment, it can quickly roll off the page and out of sight. A really easy and often overlooked way to get your comment to the top of the page is to simply reply to the top commenter in the list.

Make sure that your reply provides some value to the conversation. For added effect, try replying to the second and third commenter. Works a treat!

2. Make Your Comment REALLY Long and Interesting

This sort of follows on from the tip above, and is a brilliant way to catch the attention of both readers and bloggers. Again, you need to make sure you are providing relevant information and a valuable contribution to the conversation.

Try to mix things up a bit and perhaps give your opinion about something in your comment. Starting a debate is a good way to get noticed – but don’t start a fight unless you can back up your opinion with cold, hard facts.

3. Start a Thread  

Again, this is taking things to the next level. Instead of just replying to a commenter, why not start a new thread or topic with one of the commenters?

Readers will notice a thread more than just a reply and will often contribute with their own opinion. However, make sure you maintain control of the thread. Done correctly, you’ll attract your own little audience and in doing so, create some targeted traffic back to your site.

4. Automatic Notification of Replies

This little trick will allow you squeeze the most out of the tips above.

If you’ve managed to start a thread, maintain the interest by getting notified of any replies. Most commenting systems will have this facility – simply check the box to be notified automatically of any new replies. Just be sure to act quickly and respond back to replies as soon as you can to keep the momentum going.

This is also a really easy way to establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with the host blogger and some of the more interactive readers of the blog.

5. Format Your Comments

The previous 4 strategies are some of the more time consuming ways to make your blog comment stand out, but it assumes that the readers are actually taking the time to read the comments.

As with most things online, the majority of readers on skim stuff on the ‘net, stopping only to read something that catches their eye.

Formatting your comments is an incredibly simple yet very effective way to make your comment stand out. It’s just so damn easy to do, yet hardly anyone takes the opportunity to make a few tiny tweaks to their comments. Almost everyone uses these methods for their own blog posts, so why not a comment?

Simply bolding a word or two, using italics or even a mixture of both can be the difference between your comment being read or simply skimmed over.

Most comment systems will allow the use of basic HTML tags, so give them a go.

Some of the more common ones are:

1.  <strong>This makes text bold</strong>
2.  <em>This makes text italic</em>
3.  <blockquote>This allows you to add a quote</blockquote>

4.  <ul>

<li>Why not make a list? – point 1</li>

<li>Why not make a list?– point 2</li>

<li>Why not make a list?– point 3</li>


These tips are usually enough to help your comments stand out from the vast majority of all the others.

But wait! You’re not quite there yet! Once your comments have been made, there are just a few more things you need to do to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your efforts.

6. Ping Your Comments

You’ve made your comment, applying some or all of the tips listed above. Now you need to make sure all the search engines know what you’ve just done.

Pinging is the term used to describe the process by which you notify your server that your blog content has just been updated. The server will then notify a variety of pinging services about the update, which in turn cascade down and trigger all the search engine bots to come and check out your new content.

If you have a WordPress website, you can set it to automatically configure it to ping using services like Pingomatic.com, but I usually also ping my new blog posts by hand using other services like Pingler.net and Pingoat.net.

Whilst this process is usually for notifying the search engines of new content to your own blog, you can also use this method to notify them of any comments you’ve made on other people’s blogs. This decreases the time it takes for the search engine bots to crawl the site, pick up your new comment and your link, and attribute it to your site.

7. Show a Bit of Respect

This last tip is simple good manners and an example of accepted net etiquette. Whenever you’re commenting, always, always, ALWAYS use the host blogger’s name.

This simple action shows that you have respect for the host blogger and have an excellent attention to detail.

Secondly, this seemingly trivial tip might be the single most important piece of evidence that will help your comment avoid getting stuck in the spam folder if for some reason it ever ends up in there.

In most cases, the only way the host blogger can identify a spam comment from a genuine comment when checking the spam folder, is if there is a specific reference to their name in the comment. It might only be a simple trick, but it can save your comment from being deleted permanently and prevent all your efforts going to waste.

8. Use Your Social Media ID (Bonus Tip)

I know I said this post would be 7 tips, but I thought I’d tack this tip on the end at the last minute. It’s a tip I picked up recently and is particularly useful in light of the recent Google search engine algorithm changes (Panda).

Google is gradually increasing the importance it places on your existing social media footprint and uses this information to provide you with search results that are specifically tailor made for you.

To increase the size of your social media footprint, and in turn, increase the variety of links back to your website, try replacing the link on your comment with either your Twitter or Facebook ID.

If you’re one of the many unfortunate people out there with a common name like ‘John Smith’, this is an easy way to ensure that the top Google search spot for that name is the one that applies to you.


As I always say, relevant content is the key, and without it, none of these strategies will work effectively. Always take the time to create thoughtful and insightful comments and try to provide an opinion or perspective that is fresh and interesting.

The thing to remember about commenting, is that it’s not just an effective one way link building strategy. It’s also an effective way to connect with other readers, and network and create ongoing relationships with host bloggers. But above all, it’s a great way to generate high quality, targeted traffic for your site.

Question for you…

Do you use any or all of these tips yourself and if so, how effective do think they are?

Are there any others you would recommend?

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