How I Can Help You

If you’re thinking of starting an Online Business and don’t know where to start, or have an existing Online Business that just isn’t working, then I can help you…

I do this in several different ways:


Many of my clients are already fairly advanced Internet entrepreneurs who are just after a bit of help to overcome some of the many obstacles that most Online Business owners will face at one time or another.

Sometimes all it takes is an hour or so of brainstorming ideas and some followup suggestions from someone impartial to get an Online Business back on track.

Most of my coaching is done one-on-one via video. I have a dedicated virtual chatroom that you can gain access to with just one click. You don’t even need any software like Skype…just you, your browser and a webcam.

One-on-One Coaching/Consulting – $195/hr

Blog Review

One of the key components to any successful Online Business is a well-designed blog/website and depending on your particular niche, a well-planned social media strategy.

For a fee, I can review your blog and within 48 hrs, provide a detailed report on the areas that can be improved.

The report will focus on uncovering the areas that need attention. It will cover things like:

  • Recommended ways to improve the general design of the blog
  • Analysis of your current online social media presence
  • Analysis of your current SEO rankings and suggestions for improvement

Blog Review – $195

Blog Design

In a lot of cases, some people either have an existing blog that quite frankly, needs a complete overhaul, or just wants someone to design something from scratch.

I offer a blog design service where I’ll take on board what niche you’re in and what your goals and objectives are, and then design a blog that will appeal to your target audience.

The price for this starts at around $995 for a basic blog, that has all the functionality required to run a standard online business.

Blog Design – from $995

Total Online Business Solution

The services above obviously assume that you already have a blog up and running and that you already have some experience online. But what if you are starting from scratch and don’t have time or experience to get all the components in place for your Online business?

Then the ‘Total Online Business Solution‘ is for you.

This is my premium offering which is becoming extremely popular. I try to restrict the number of clients I take on for this as it is quite time consuming and resource intensive, so there may be a bit of a waiting list at times!

This solution is a combination of all the services listed above.

How it Works…

When you send me the initial email query about this service, I’ll reply back with a questionnaire for you to complete. This allows me to get a handle on where you’re at with your Online Business.

Then we’ll have a one-on-one hour long session where I found out a little more about you, your online experience and what you want to achieve online.

After this session, I should have enough info to get started on building the components of your Online Business.

I analyse your niche and determine just who your competitors are and what you need to do to compete and eventually beat them in the search results.

I register your domain names, setup a host, install and design your blog with all the plugins you need, then set up your social media accounts.

When complete, I hand over the keys to your new Online Business with a recommended strategy that you will need to follow to maintain and operate it.

I then follow-up your progress with 2 x 1 hour sessions over the next 2 months.

At the end of this time, if you have followed all my recommended strategies and tasks, you should be well on your way with your Online Business.

So how much for all this?

For all the services separately, this solution would cost over $10k, but book now, and you’ll get it for $2995.

This is the sort of price that normally gets you a simple website with around 5 pages, but with no one-on-one help, no social media accounts, no plugins, no strategy tailor-made to your niche, and no followup sessions.

I charge this price because I do it on my own time, to make sure that each and every client I have gets the best possible advice and focus that they deserve.

Total Online Business Solution – $2995

So How Do I Get Started?

Contact me using one of the methods below, letting me which of my services you’re interested in. I’ll then get back to you within 24-48 hours to discuss the next steps.

So, just to recap, my services and prices are:

  • One-on-One Coaching/Consulting – $195/hr
  • Blog Review – $195
  • Blog Design – from $995
  • Total Online Business Solution – $2995

Again, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you in the near future!


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